Peak Time is an international student business competition organized every year since 1999, by the students of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

      Currently, it is one of the biggest international events held here, in the Baltic States, attracting attention from about 1500 participants each year. Since 2012 the motto of Peak Time is shape the tomorrow of business.

4 steps of the PeakTime competition
Participants from all over the world


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      The first stage is playing in a business simulation, provided by the Finnish company CESIM. In the business simulation the participants have to operate a production company in a competitive market and play against other teams in the assigned group. The goal of the simulation is to gain the biggest share of the market. Participation is either individually against other individuals or teams vs. teams.

Case Studies & Team Portfolio

      After the simulation round, the results are summed up, and top 100 teams and top 100 individuals are invited to the next round of the competition. The next round of the competition is solving a case study. Case studies are usually a challenging task - teams and individuals are provided with raw data and other relevant information about a company, market, country etc. and they have to provide both numerical and creative analysis for the given tasks. For example: how to cut on costs, without making the customer suffer from that.


    The final event is not only about a tough competition. It Is also a good time to meet few friends and acquaintances.
      Throughout the three days, the participants have special evening programmes: team building activities in the city, led by our student compadres, Cultural and National evenings, where the participants share something that they brought from their countries, or experience what Latvian culture has to offer. And of course - a party. It is held on the day the top 5 is selected - during the party the winners are announced and leave to prepare for the next day, whereas the other finalists party SSE Riga style.
      Any new ideas and suggestions from your side are more than welcome regarding the event itself and other related activities (our own teambuilding etc.).


Fionn Dobbin

      Fionn Dobbin - his vast experience with social business includes working as a Social Business Designer for the creative think tank and consultant company "The Grameen Creative Lab" of the peace prize laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus and currently being the creative director and co-founder of MAMMU, a social fashion business operating in Latvia.

Peter Woolsey

      Peter Woolsey - Not only is he a long time Peak Time enthusiast returning for Peak Time every year, but also the owner Positive Concepts Ltd and OU and involved in multiple projects centered around green development, such as Wind Farm project in Scotland.

Vladas Lasas

      Vladas Lasas - 2012 Oslo Business for Peace Award honoree, a presidential candidate in Lithuania and co-founder of "Skubios siuntos", which now has joined UPS. An interesting fact: in his company, employees are the ones choosing how much they will be paid.

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Simonas Baciulis

Simonas Baciulis
Chief Organizer & Chief Fundraising Organizer

Edgars Pundurs

Edgars Pundurs
Chief Fundraising Organizer

Tadas Gedminas

Tadas Gedminas
Chief Competition Coordinator

Anna Marija Kiesnere

Anna Marija Kiesnere
Chief Promotion and Media Coordinator

Edgars Kokins

Edgars Kokins
Chief Communications Coordinator

Arnas Vedeckis

Arnas Vedeckis
Chief Event Organizer


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